How to Play Craps?

Craps are one of the fastest moving tables at a casino. It is a game which was the bet is placed on the outcome on how the dice roll. Even at a crowded casino, you will be able to recognize a Craps table as it is one of the tables with the most number of screams and shouts. The craps let loose and try to enjoy the game. The players who play craps tend to have several bets while at the same time. So, the craps table would require a larger bankroll than all the other tables in the casino. The players are also provided with a lot of wagering options in the game, and thus the player can wager on many options present on the table. The players can wager money against each other or even with the bank.

The game was originally called as crapaud. It was played by the soldiers in the World War II. These soldiers often used their army blankets as the shooting surface of the game. 

Table and personnel:

Most of the craps tables these days are double layouts. There is a boxman who stands at the center side of the table, and the boxman supervises the game. The boxman is also the one who collects all the cash and places it in the dropbox. You can also find another person with the stick at the other side of the table; this man is called as the stickman, and he uses a stick to redirect the dice to the player who has to roll the dice. The stickman is known to control the game in craps. He is the one who urges the players to get their bets low.

Knowing your odds:

Since knowing your odds is very important at any gambling card game, you need to know your odds even at a craps game. You may feel that the dice may roll randomly every time, but there are certain numbers which will occur the most number of times when the dice roll. For example, the number 7 is the most likely number to come up if you roll a pair of dice. 

Craps has some of the worst bets on the table so you must make sure that you pick a table which is good and which has the best payouts. The odds are not that great if you are focusing on making a lot of money when you are gambling. Apart from that, it is not a bad game. If you want to have fun with your friends or family, then craps are one of the best games you can play at a casino. Craps is similar to a Chinese originated Sci Bo game where three dice are used instead of two. The difference between craps and Sci Bo and the winning outcome needs to be based on few other rolls of the dice. But in the Sci Bo game, they use three dice and every outcome of the dice counts as a winning or a losing bet.